Help! worse acne than before!!

Before i started accutane, i tried the body
shop’s tea tree facial wash. i really didn’t notice any
great improvment, although my skin did feel smoother
after using it. they have a full lline of tea tree
products, so maybe if i had used something more than just
the facial wash, i would have had better luck.
anyway, i wouldn’t try using it now, b/c my derm said to
use a gentle face wash… and i would think the tea
tree might be too drying.

Depression fight


No your words didnt depress me more. You made me think harder about my life. I always thought if I got married to this man, that maybe my troubles wouldnt be so bad anymore. I am beginning not to believe that. Love is great when you find it, I THINK I found it but I could be wrong. You see, the man that I found is of another race, than myself. And my family totally objects to it. They said if I want to be with him, than they would disown me. That was only the start of my problems. I have to worry about college,finding a good job, and a way to make myself happy again. I wasnt always like this. But that is an even longer story. I feel so horrible allll the time, when I smile, it is so fake, because there is nothing but tears behind it. Noone can grasp the fact that I am unhappy. I used to be so carefree, and happy just to be alive. But now I wonder why the hell I was put on this Earth to begin with. If I only knew what my purpose in life is.

Shari’s post

Hi, Welcome to all of the new members. We keep getting so many of them! I’m glad that we have this place to come, but sorry for the need of it. I am a 42 year old single mother of Laura, age 8. I suffer from anxiety and panic, depression, SAD, and some medical junk. I also am a survivor of many kinds of abuse as a child and as an adult. There seem to be all kinds of people here, so there should be someone that all of you can relate to! I’m sorry for the group welcome, but I’m glad you found us! Shari



Thank you for responding. Do you struggle with the same issues???
How old are you? Are you in treatment? Last week I told my doctor
that she wasn’t helping and I didn’t think we should see each other
anymore. So, no I am not seeing anyone. I quit my meds 3 weeks ago,
I was on zoloft.
I think I am setting my own standards, they are just
unattainable. I want perfection, and now matter how much effort I
put in I will never acheive perfection. I can not live with that.

Advise for Jen

Hi and Welcome.

I don’t take Paxil so I cannot tell you about any personal experience with the side effects. Are you seeing a Psychiatrist for your meds or just your family Doctor?

There are a lot of good meds out there and sometimes it just takes awhile to find the right fit. I would discuss your side effects with your doctor for sure and if you dont have a psychiatrist I would ask for a referral to one they tend to know more of the meds that can help with the depression and anxiety. I am currently on Remeron and Klonopin for the anxiet and panic attacks and have very few if no side effects. So it is important that you communicate to your doctor what it is you need and what kind of side effects you are and are not willing to tolerate. A good doc will work with you.

Depression sucks and the process to recovery can be a hard one. Just know you are not alone :)